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    Default Strawberries - Table Top

    I was wondering wether anyone has tried the table top method of growing strawberries and if so with what results. Looking ahead to next year I am thinking of giving it a go so that I can free up some ground for more veggies in my garden. OH as usual thinks I have lost the plot! Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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    A local pick your own farm has several huge polytunnels of strawberries grown this way. They are out of the reach of slugs and are of course easy to pick. His tunnels by the way are rolled up at the sides during winter to ensure that the plants get chilled as is required for them to fruit well.

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    I tried to free up more room last year and grew some strawberries in hanging baskets. Trouble was I couldn't see the fruit and by the time the runners started it looked like the hanging gardens of Babylon!

    I am going to try table top next year as I lost alot with slugs this year.

    Has anyone tried one of these strawberry planters? The pictures show the strawberries just hanging over the top of the pot, but I wonder how successful it would be?

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