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    FeedTheSoil is offline Germinator
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    Mar 2016

    Question Raspberrys growing under my M27 Apples?

    I have many Apple trees on the smallest M27 rootstock. I planted Raspberrys (and hybrids like Loganberry) along a fence close by and didnt contain/restrict the roots so in the second year they have began growing threw the thick woodchip mulch I had around all the apple trees.

    I was told to keep the apple trees free from competition due to their shallow rootstock. Personally I don't mind the raspberrys growing among the apple trees but how badly is it going to affect the trees?

    Surely I can't dig them out now without disturbing the trees. Should I chop them out when I see them? Should I cover the area with a shade cloth to restricr their growth?

    Like I say I'm happy to just leave them be but will they kill my trees or stop them producing fruit?

    While we Are on the subject I underplanted my Blackcurrents with Rubus Tricolour and its worked fantastic as a living ground cover, keeping the weeds down. Would these work as well under the apple fruit trees?

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    GBax is offline Sprouter
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    Feb 2016
    Ascot, Berks


    I have never grown anything on M27 but everything you read discusses how fragile and temperamental they are so i doubt it will help them. Personally i would Mypex the area to stop them.
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