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Thread: ‘Possible’ problems with my black currant tree

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    Post ‘Possible’ problems with my black currant tree


    I’d just like to start off by saying, I’m a complete novice with plants, and by novice, I mean, I walked into a garden centre with the in laws to look at fish and walked out with a black currant tree.

    Now to my problem, which I’m not sure is a problem, maybe a completely natural thing..

    My tree has grown a white fuzz at the bottom and part of it’s just snapped off. If I can enclose a picture after typing the description i will.

    Also, my leaves are dying. I’m not sure why? I’m not over watering I don’t think

    Any help on what it could be would be appreciated, and if there’s any remedies, that’d be even better




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    nickdub is offline Cropper
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    Jul 2017


    The green plants in your pot are weeds - if you look at the stems of the balckurrant bush you will see the leaves on that are a different shape, they also smell differently if bruised.

    Its going to be a struggle to grow blackcurrant successfully in a pot for any length of time I think, as they like heavy feeding and quite a lot of water, but I'll let others advise further on that, as I haven't tried it myself.
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    As Nickdub says, only the bottom picture is Blackcurrant. It doesn't look too bad - mine have a bit of curl at the moment in this dry weather, including the one that self-seeded in my patio (in the cracks).

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    To add to the above, definitely rip out the little weeds at the bottom, they'll just suck nutrients from your bush. The white stuff on the weeds looks like mould which you don't want to spread to other plants.

    Your bush doesn't look bad. Like nickdub said, they are iffy in pots and need enough water and fertiliser when fruiting.

    You made me smile remembering how I started with one little plant and now I'm a plant maniac.

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