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    Default Overwintering my young citrus trees

    Hi there. I have three Meyer lemon plants and two calamondin oranges, in an u heated greenhouse growing really well, how can I overwinter them without heating the greenhouse? I don't think taking power to the greenhouse is an option as my dad doesn't want cables running across the garden. Could you please share some successful ideas you have found in or out the house, would a heat mat inside the house be ok and misting of leaves? Thank you

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    I can't tell you what you should do. I've got a little lemon, lime and orange last year, just little things a single stem and a few leaves in small pots.

    What I did do was leave them them in the unheated greenhouse (which got it's polycarb blew out in one of the storms), forget to wrap them in fleece, forgot to water them, in fact totally forgot about them till about March.

    The looked dead.

    I said LOOKED, after a bit of time on the kitchen window new leaves, new branches and the lemons over twice as high. The lime didn't make it, but the plants too small to bare fruit anyway and I'm sure it will grow more.

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    It depends on how frosty your garden will get. In mine I had my small potted citrus outside with no protection until feb when it turned cold and then i put them in my greenhouse and finally when that was too cold, into my hallway for a few days. If your greenhouse doesnt get really cold they should be ok and if in doubt wack some fleece on them. They are sensitive to temp changes so if you sre moving them inside and out make sure you do it gradually or else they will sulk!
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