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    craiglockley is offline Seedling
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    Default Orange Spots/Black leaves on Pear Tree

    Have a pear tree that has developed well over the last few years but this year I'm noticing orange spots on leaves and some of them have turned black and started curling.

    Any ideas and should I do anything for it?

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    cheops is offline Rooter
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    Will be interested in reading others advise and comments on this as I have a young pear tree which on many of its leaves there are vivid orange/yellow spots though as yet no leaves have turned black or curled.

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    trebor1973m is offline Germinator
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    Jun 2010

    Default Orange Spots and Black Leaves on Pear Tree

    Hi Folks

    I've had the same problem last year, and it's cropped up again on my Pear Tree.

    The problem we have in common is a frequent problem with pear and juniper trees, and is highly contagious to the pear and juniper trees in the area, and it's called Rust.

    To treat this, the affected leaves need to be removed, and also the affected branches need to be pruned in line with the trunk of the tree.

    These leaves and branches cannot be composted or left on the ground as they have this airborne contagion which will spread rust to other leaves, branches and other trees, so it needs to be disposed of another way, preferably by burning.

    Once you have pruned the tree, you need to apply a fungicide to the leaves and branches of the tree. Systhane is usually a good bet as a fungus fighter.

    Only water the base of the tree, never the leaves, as it will spread the disease from leaf to leaf.

    You will also need to remove and probably burn any fruit which appears, which again should not be composted as it is highly contagious.

    Hopefully this process should help the tree recover in time for a decent crop of healthy pears next year - but I wouldn't eat anything from the tree this time around.

    You may need to apply the fungicide again around spring next year to get in early and reduce the possibility of the rust reappearing as it's usually best to spray early.

    Hope this helps

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