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Thread: Lingonberry

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    Default Lingonberry

    Having decided to plant cranberries under my blueberries, I started looking up info about them and came across a page about lingonberries:

    Lingonberry Bushes - Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes, Nut Trees from Allotment Growing Shop

    I know these are yummy (Ikea do lingonberry jam in the food shop, as well as lots of lingonberry cakes and tarts in the restaurant! mmm) - I reckon they are actually MUCH nicer than cranberries And this page says they are more productive and reliable in our climate than cranberries. It does also seem to have the same low growth habit, which is what I'm after really.

    Lingonberry Bushes - Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes, Nut Trees from Allotment Growing Shop

    Sounds ideal... So - anyone got any experience with growing this fruit?
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    nope, but i'm going to have a walk to ikea tomorrow to try the jam and then it's a possibility for next year

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    No experience but I noticed Dobies are selling Lingonberries. Seriously tempted to get a couple.

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    Lingonberry makes a good sauce with reindeer, I hear.

    Perfect for patio growing, very productive and reliable in our climate. Lingonberries tart, juicy, red berries mature in late July and late September. Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, they can be used in sauces, preserves, pie fillings and drinks. And it should start cropping in its first year. Forms a dwarf, spreading bush, ideal for growing in a large pot of ericaceous compost. (Dobies)

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    Lingonberry is the Scandinavian name for the same plant which is a native to Britain - we call it Cowberry. It grows in acid uplands in the same conditions as bilberries/blueberries. The bushes are evergreen with lovely shiny mid-green leaves and a shrubby habit. Never tried making jam but the Scandinavians do consider it a delicacy

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    Default Ace fruit; more tasty and adaptable than cranberry

    In Scandinavia these berries grow prolifically and are used year round (normally as a jam but can be eaten raw, perhaps with a dusting of sugar) to accompany savoury food and, when sweetened, in desserts/cakes. I've never tried growing them but if you think open pine/birch forest with a bit of moss (ie partial sun and well drained crumbly soil) you'll be there - when I find some plants I'll give em a pop.

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