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    Default identifying an apple tree

    i have an apple tree that has red apples, i think it may be red falstaff, but is there a way of identifying this tree.

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    There are many thousands of apple varieties. Some were never grown in large numbers and are therefore not recognised by many people.
    As an example of relatively obscure varieties: have you ever heard of - let alone seen - an apple of the old variety: "Cottenham Seedling" or "Histon Favourite" (both old varieties from Cambs) - or the old varieties "Alfriston" or "First and Last" (from Sussex) for example?
    It is quite a challenge to identify varieties (even for an expert), especially because people can't resist planting pips, which are therefore not a known variety - but also because different climates, soils and other factors can make apples look different when grown in different parts of the country.

    I suggest taking a variety of pictures - of the fruit, the leaves, the branches, the growth habit of the tree etc. Take them along to a local "apple day" in the autumn, along with a sample of branch with some leaves and fruits attached.
    Also any information about when the tree was planted (if known - the size of the tree and its trunk thickness might also give an idea to when it was planted) and whether it has a graft.

    The more info you can provide, the more chance of an accurate identification.

    You could try putting up some pictures here - you never know whether someone will recognise the variety.
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