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    Default Growing loganberries from cuttings?

    Helo all.

    I've just "found" a heavily-laden loganberry bush in the public park at the back of our house. Well, it WAS heavily-laden until I "found" it Three quarters of an hour after work each night for the past week and the freezer is quite a few kilo's better off

    I'd like to grow it in the garden, probably in a pot as we only have a small back yard. If I take a cutting (assuming the nice park people don't mind) what's the best way of growing it on?

    Thanks in advance.


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    My loganberry is constantly rooting itself all around, when the end of one of the stems touches the ground it sends out roots. If you bury some of the stem in the ground in the park and leave it it will probably root itself.
    I'm not sure how well it would do in a pot, they're large, unruly plants that seem to need a lot of space. If the park is right behind your garden could you cheekily grow it on the back fence of your garden?

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