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    Default Is this an edible cherry tree???

    Hi all

    Am hoping someone can help me with a tree identification problem.

    The previous owners of my house planted a tree in the front garden. It blossoms in spring (can't remember if it was pink or white) and this year for the first time we have noticed that it has fruit which look very much like cherries. But are they actually cherries??

    The tree is about 15 foot tall. It has branches growing upwards off the main stem and then small thin branches with groups of leaves growing off these. I have attached pictures below to help.

    Also if it is indeed a cherry, how do I care for it?


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    It's hard to say, how many fruit?

    I have an ornamental cherry in the front and it is a lot larger than yours. I think yours is too close to the house, looking at the photo as they can grow to 30 feet. If it's on a dwarf rootstock you may be OK.

    Mine has the odd cherry, but the birds get them before they are ripe.
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    As far as I know - all cherries are edible (ie. not poisonous) but some are tastier than others and some need cooking as they are too sour to eat raw.
    Ornamental cherries are bred for lots of flowers but rarely if ever set fruit, or if they do, only have a tiny bit of fruit around the pip. Fruit cherries are bred to have lots of fruit with plenty of flesh.
    One of the nicest cherries I've eaten was planted as an ornamental/wildlife tree at the local supermarket car park.

    I would apply a feed in the spring before the blossom appears such as sulphate of potash or any of the flower/fruit feeds. Other than that, you don't need to do much, it should be established so no need to water.

    Looking at the pictures again, I think it might be a prunus amanogawa (flagpole cherry) as it's mainly one upright stem, most cherries branch out quite a lot and yours hasn't.
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