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    Default conference pears


    I have a young conference pear tree that that gone mad with fruit this year, when will they be ready to pick??
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    May 2006
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    kg, when they come off the tree easily when held in the hand. If you have to pull at them they are not ready. I would give them another month, or maybe two, yet.


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    Hi Kentish Girl,

    I have a 10 years old Conference pear grown at the back garden, Mine has been harvested yesterday, they have grown to their full size. I presume it should be round the same harvesting time for the UK too. Usually we harvest them round september, but this year is really early for our pears.

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    We have a mature pear tree in our garden but I don't know what type. It has fruited well this year but they certainly arn't ready for picking yet. As Valmarg says, at least another month. Up hear in North Wales, we are still waiting for the June drop.

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