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Thread: Peach Leaf Curl disease

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artisan View Post
    I appreciate what Jose is saying that using the chemicals in winter is not detrimental to insects but we still have birds in winter that often roost in these trees. What is it doing to them I wonder?
    Not forgetting........insects have to live somewhere in winter

    If my home was sprayed with chemical warfare when I was nice and sleepy and cosy,but survived it. I would definitely seek revenge!

    Edit: I know it is a little different for home growers that can accept one bumper crop of one thing and loss of something else compared to a business that relies more on guaranteed crops.
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    Hi Artisan and others friends ,

    TrixC I am sorry to disagree, but copper oxychloride is allowed in England for gardening.

    You can see it here

    Fungicides – Gardening Tips and Advice – Oak Leaf Gardening

    And buy it here


    Artisan , This is not a contest to see who is more ecologist, it is a real solution for people who have this problem in their familial orchards, and year after year suffer the problem of this disease.
    So the solution that I expose, is the most ecological and respectful with of beneficial insects, animals in the environment, our fruit trees and our flora, and our soils

    let's take a closer look at the post.
    The post is about how to solve the problem of the leaft curl .

    I do not pretend to be the "ready of the school" and less being new in this forum, but I have a very extensive fruit orchard, very close friendship relations with the technicians of the agricultural research centers in Spain and many years of experience in the cultivation of fruit trees for familial consumption.

    My intention is to offer a solution to the members of this forum to the problem , a solution the most ecological possible to a serious problem such as leaft curl, with substances approved by law by the European Union for ecological agriculture, and which are treatments carried out in professional plantations and home gardens of Spain year after year demonstrating its Effectiveness.

    EUR-Lex - 32014R0354 - EN - EUR-Lex

    The winter treatment, I have not invented it, is a process that has been going on for more than 100 years (as an example the Bordeaux mixure, used in French vineyards since 1880 , and to this day).

    The goal of winter treatment is to prevent fungal attacks, as well as pests.
    At the time of treatment, it is not harmful to beneficial insects (eg bees, or other insects).

    Recommended products are:

    - Copper oxychloride
    - Paraffin Oil
    - Neem oil (optional)

    During the application of the treatments, the trees are in a period of winter rest and at this time there is no insect activity in the trees (except eggs deposited by aphids and other bad pests), which will be eliminated by the action of the oil Of paraffin by asphyxiation, not by toxicity (Neem oil, which is an ecological insecticide, is optional in these treatments, but has ovicidal properties so it is advisable, but I insist it is "OPTIONAL").

    I do not want to impose anything, I just try to report on a real and easy solution to this problem.

    As I said I have extensive experience, if it were not so I could not show my fruit orchard.

    Left plot of my stone fruit orchard

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-rsz_or.jpgClick image for larger version

Name:	rsz_or.jpg
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ID:	75632

    Right plot of my stone fruit orchard

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-rsz_20170812_180034.jpg

    In the two plots there are about 450 stone fruit trees , and Look how healthy they are, these flat peaches trees

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-rsz_asf-0796_tree.jpg

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-rsz_asf-0795_tree.jpg

    Tomorrow I will be photographing some of the stone fruit of my harvest, which since its flowering have had no treatment of any kind (only the winter treatment was carried out with absolutely ecological products)

    Best regards

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    Ola Jose
    Here is a list of Withdrawn Chemicals compiled by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society)

    This is the entry for Copper oxychloride, which should not be used after 30.11.15:-

    Active ingredient Copper oxychloride
    Brand name(s) Bayer Garden Fruit and Vegetable Disease Control
    Main use For the control of celery leaf spot, peach leaf curl, potato blight, tomato blight, apple and pear canker, bacterial canker of plums and cherries, rust on currants and gooseberries, cane spot on raspberries and loganberries. Prevents damping-off and foot rot of seedlings of edible and ornamental garden plants.
    Last date of use 30.11.15

    Bordeaux mixture was also withdrawn from use on that date.

    I don't need to use any chemicals as my 8 peach and nectarine trees are grown permanently under cover and peach leaf curl is not a problem. I appreciate that 8 trees is a drop in the ocean compared to your orchards! To the best of my knowledge there are no peach orchards in the UK - our weather would have to be a little warmer for that.
    I find it difficult to imagine growing so many fruit trees, probably as difficult as you find growing a mere 8
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    Veggiechicken, what mishap.
    I thought that all the countries of the European Union, had the same guidelines on the subject of phytosanitary products, but I see that it is not so, and there are restrictions in the UK for the use of copper oxychloride.


    Pufffffffff, because if you can not use not even copper, I think that the farmers of the United Kingdom will have to solve the problems of diseases and plagues telling jokes to the fruit trees.

    Guys, I really appreciate your attention, and my intention was good (to try to help), but whit the legislation I can not do anything.
    little I can say , so you can only use the "grandmother's remedies", potassium soap as an insecticide, and to combat peach leaft curl , you can only do one thing, which is to choose the varieties that are more resistant to this disease.

    Again I thank you for your attention, and unfortunately I give for close the subject.

    Best regards
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    Default Peach Leaf Curl disease

    Hello Jose. I am certainly not in a ‘contest to see who is more ecologist’ as you have said. I think your interpretation and transcript of the writing English language is not helping. I like the pictures of your fruit trees. If only I had the land to grow what you are growing I would be a happy person. My original question about Peach Leaf Curl was concerning one Dwarf Apricot tree which is growing in a container on my patio not an orchard full!

    Anyway, thank you for your advice. I am sure it was meant for all the right reasons. I hope the remainder of your summer is good as I am sure it will be and I hope you have a good harvest of fruit from your trees.

    Best regards.
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    Best regards,

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    Jose...Have you read this patent....,


    it is a scientific fact that oregano or thyme oil containing what is thought to be the worlds most powerful antibacterial and anti fungal chemical ( Calvacrol )

    it is not an old method , and it not only works but is the ONLY way to cure leaf curl once a tree is infected

    Safer, classed as natural and works better....unusual ...but obviously the best choice.
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    Hello again Artisan, normally I have little time to participate in forums, and many times the Google translator does not do very good translations.
    My advice was intended for people who have large orchards.
    The fruit trees in container, are easy to care because they can be put indoors in winter, but they have the drawback that they must be grafted on dwarfing rootstocks.

    Artisan , what is your apricot variety? , I ask you why most of the apricot varieties are not autofertile and you may have problems with the pollinating.

    I have already finished my summer vacation (it has been all the month of July), normally I go in summer to the Mediterranean coast to sail my boat and enjoy fishing in the sea, but this year my oldest daughter begins her university studies And we have been visiting faculties of several cities, renting floor, buying the necessary furniture, etc ...... (the children are the first).
    But I have enjoyed a good summer vacation.

    Do not worry about my harvest, this year is tremendously abundant (all my neighbors, my family and friends have their fridges full of fruit ).

    If you liked the photos of my fruit trees, I think these photos are also going to like.

    Some photos of my fruit :

    Peach Pavia type variety Jalon

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-pavia-jalon.jpg

    Flat Peach Galaxy

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-galixy-peach.jpg

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-galaxy-peach-1.jpg

    Flat Peach ASF-0795

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-asf-0795.jpg

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-asf-0795-1.jpg

    I continue in another post (I can only post 5 photos per post)

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    Some more photos

    Flavor Supreme Pluot

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-flavor-supreme-pluot.jpg

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-flavor-supreme-pluot-1.jpg

    Dapple Supreme pluot

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-dapple-supreme-pluot.jpg

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-dapple-supreme-2.jpg

    Splash pluot

    Peach Leaf Curl disease-splash-pluot.jpg
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