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Thread: Lubera apple varieties

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    I am obviously too trusting. LOL

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    Lubera,probably for a fee, rename developed varieties to give the impression they are unique. I know a variety of berry that is grown wild in Scandinavia and a cross-bred cultivar produced by a company in Finland who sell wholesale to the likes of Lubera. Lubera gave it a unique name and sell it as a new variety/novelty cultivar. Do they think gardeners are that gullible?

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    I've bought quite a few fruit plants from Lubera over the years and have been highly impressed with the size and health of their plants. I've only had a couple of issues, which were quickly and courteously resolved.

    I find them a very honest company, who, if anything undersell themselves.

    As to them selling lesser/unknown varieties under their own chosen name, that's very common, not only in gardening, but in commerce generally. Having said that, I am not aware of Lubera doing this. Perhaps WalterWhite can provide more details....? Lubera either sell: their own bred plants; others that have been sourced elsewhere (which they clearly state) and are exclusively sold by them; plants of good reputation, that are also sold elsewhere.

    Virtually all their apple trees are grown on M9 rootstocks. I appreciate the reasons they chose to do so, one being to have easily manageable sized trees, which suits me as I'm able to grow more varieties. I currently have 6 of their trees, along with three traditional ones (which I regularly have to prune to contain their size).

    The only criticism I have is that, sometimes I wish there was more information regarding their plants on their English website. Their German one is better for this and for plant reviews - with the aid of Google Translate. I find their YouTube videos informative and entertaining, and am very pleased that they've started a weekly live broadcast on Facebook. If anyone's interested, the next one is on tonight at 6pm.

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