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Thread: Recommendations for where to buy fruit trees

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    Quote Originally Posted by bario1 View Post
    This is something I've always wondered... can you prune a non-dwarfing tree to dwarf size without killing it or affecting yields?
    Yield will obviously be less than allowing it to grow fully but no more than using a dwarfing rootstock. It is as flynch says it's all about balance.

    I don't grow on dwarf root stocks nor do I need to prune 4 times a year my soil is poor and naturally limits the vigor of the trees. I don't image M27 would last longer here at all. I also grow mainly in restricted forms and up until recently have stayed away from tip bearers which helps.

    The Apple book by rosie Sanders
    It's a very nice coffee table book but still sticks to the more common apples for detail.

    Here's a nice big list to muse over Fruit Trees- Historic Varieties Grown and Supplied by Bernwode Fruit Trees after spotting something which interests normally a quick google will bring up details about a particular variety.

    If you have a local orchard group perhaps they have a website? I've chosen a few of my trees as they were locally bred/discovered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    I never realised there was so much variety among simple apple trees (and others). Can anyone recommend a good book or website on this topic... Or is it something a general gardening tome might cover?

    Specialist Nursery websites will give you a good detail of many varieties:

    Quality Fruit Trees And Soft Fruit Plants For Sale | Buy Online
    Keepers Nursery UK | Fruit trees for sale | Buy Online | Mail order
    Fruit trees for sale - Suffolk Fruit and Trees - The Fruit Tree Specialists

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