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Thread: Soil capping

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    Default Soil capping

    My allotment soil keeps capping. The neighbouring plots don't seem to have this problem, and it only occurs when I dig and turn over the soil. It is perfectly moist underneath, though.

    Any ideas how to remedy this?

    I've used leaf mold on my spud bed, but can't do this for carrots, lettuce etc. (Can I?)

    I'm concerened at how plants can grow through it.

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    You need to add more compost, organic matter to the soil.
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    If you are sowing in modules/pots and transplanting then I'd leave it be [lettuces] and just add as much organic as you go.

    If you are sowing direct, eg carrots, then my method is to top the sown seeds with a sand and coffee ground mix...the mix helps to stop the capping.
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