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Thread: Council compost

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    swampy is offline Germinator
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    May 2008

    Default Council compost

    Hi to all,I recently contacted my local council recycling facility regarding whether they could supply me with some compost.They said that they could supply me with a 35 cubic yard skip load (about 8'x8'x20' long) for free,I just had to pay for delivery.
    Has anyone else used this recycled compost and if so how did they get on with their crops-improvement or not?
    Many thanks in advance Swampy
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    Sue is offline Cropper
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    Jan 2006
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent


    I've used coucil compost once. Quite rough and the odd bit of plastic in it. However I wanted it for mulch and it was fine for that. Obviously cheaper than normal compost so it seemed a good bargain for mulching. However my council doesn't deliver and I don't have a car so was only lucky to get some once due to a kindly neighbour.

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    snuffer is offline Tuber
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    Apr 2008
    Edingley, A small village in Nottinghamshire near Southwell


    You are very fortunate in being able to get hold of this stuff for 'delivery only'. Our local recycling centre is run for the council by a private contractor. Their compost is sold as a soil improver at 3.00 aprox. per 30 litre bag (that's not a typo they really are only 30 litre bags). Hence, at that price I've never tried it.

    I have seen other posts on the grapevine relating to council compost. It is usualy said that it's a bit coarse and twiggy but makes a great soil improver.
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    DavidJP is offline Seedling
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    Jun 2008
    southern Isle of Wight UK


    Its 38 pounds delivered for a large agricultural sized fertilizer bag full or 2.50 for a normal sized bag that you can carry here. Sounds like you have a good deal there. I've bought some in the past and worked it in and has disappeared fairly quickly seems quite good. Interesting to go to the site where they make it as theres a compost mountain about 50 feet high the size of a small football field steaming away.

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    NSB is offline Tuber
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    May 2007
    Carshalton Surrey


    Were allowed three bags free per time from our local dump

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    Snadger's Avatar
    Snadger is offline Dundiggin
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    Aug 2006
    Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Is there a nice bit?)


    I've just recieved a letter from the local council saying they are giving away FREE soil improver to our allotments.
    I still need to reply to find out all the details................I wonder whether I can haggle them on the price?
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    lottie dolly's Avatar
    lottie dolly is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2008
    north leicester


    Quote Originally Posted by Snadger View Post
    I've just recieved a letter from the local council saying they are giving away FREE soil improver to our allotments.
    I still need to reply to find out all the details...............I wonder whether I can haggle them on the price?
    we get it free in our area,it's usually advertised in the paper,as well as word and mouth round the lotties,last year a large heap was outside our lottie gates ,and a long line of vehicles,the best of was,we just barrowed it in,and the fact that others were ristricted to 4 bags?,we just kept going,my granddaughter helped me,but it ***********hard work,this year it was elsewhere,and i didn't bother,lost me get up and go so if yours is out side like ours was,take some help with you,and a good handfull of spinach,it worked for popeye

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    bobleponge's Avatar
    bobleponge is offline Early Fruiter
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    Jan 2008
    Eance, northern France


    Do any French residents know of such a scheme at home?
    I asked at my local tip and they told me it goes to the big tip, a good hour and a half drive away.
    At my local Mairie I have been given free gravel and topsoil in the past, which has been handy, but they dont do compost.
    Bob Leponge
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