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Thread: Compost tumblers - are they worth it?

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    I've one I've had for several years, it's been good, although it only really gets used during the main grass growing months. It's quite big and does take a lot to fill it in one go, I use it mainly to use up grass clippings, chicken bedding and shredded material and anything else available at the time of a mix goes in. I find grass clippings and autumn leaves works really well too and is one of my favourite mixes.

    I find the contents heats up really quickly and reduces down rapidly, but sadly my mixes are nowhere near a finished crumbly compost that some pictures I've seen portray. But I don't leave them in too long, once the main heating is over I don't see as much benefit of keeping it in the drum and I turn it out and do another mix. I'm sure if I were more methodical about it I'd get better results, but it suits me for what I want.
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    We were given one many moons ago.
    Just couldn't get on with it. Not sure if there are a selection of models , but I found ours impossibly heavy to turn...

    You won't know if you'll get on with one unless you try it for a year or so....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Small pumpkin View Post
    Back to the drawing board. I really need to increase speed of compost production.
    I've worked out how much I spend on compost each year
    SP, garden compost and commercial compost are completely different animals, don't try and substitute one for the other.

    You can save quite a lot by re-using your commercial compost. I seive the roots out and store it in old compost bags until needed, then I perk it up with some BFB and use it for potting on. Mostly I use new commercial compost only for seeds and cuttings.

    Tumblers? Seen them, not convinced.
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    Thanks Martin, I'm not planning on replacing brought with home made completely. I'd just like to have a bigger quantity of ready to use, after a year of hard work collecting & turning. For things like filling very large pots ( 40lt+ And a lot of them ). Anything that reduces my annul 3 figure compost bill

    To be fair the turning doesn't happen as often as maybe it should. Which is why I was thinking tumbler, give it a turn every time I walk past. Then when it was done or nearly done empty into a darlek to carry on doing its thing and until it was needed, then start again.

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    Does anyone have experience with a DIY tumbler?

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