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  1. End of summer term report

    by , 15-07-2011 at 09:15 PM
    There have been Fruitful Beans, tender green and scarlet emperor, as well as courgettes. Beans are harvested on a regular basis. It does however take a while to produce enough for a family sized dish. With the tendergreen, the more frequently you harvest, the more there is produced by the way of replenishment. It is safe to say, that beans are not found of too much heat. They seem to go all sulky when it is too hot.

    Dead aubergine and dead peas

    What a drama with the ...
  2. Mr G and his enormous cucumber

    by , 15-07-2011 at 01:35 PM
    Mr G served in the second world war, is a stalwart of the community, and I am convinced he invented the double-entendre. His mind is way more agile than his body, but nontheless he's still a keen gardener and we have had many produce-related banters in the past.

    My husband announced last night that Mr G had a cucumber for me, and we decided to cycle down to collect it, calling in for chips on the way home. I dug out the rucksack and off we went.

    Spotting Mr G at the ...
    Tags: cucumber
  3. The big saw-off aka never give a girl a power tool

    by , 14-07-2011 at 04:44 PM
    Up until a couple of weeks ago, we had a massive tree at the bottom of the garden, that seeded everywhere and blocked out all the light. So it had to go. I negotiated a good deal with a 'man what can', and got a discount if I disposed of all the branches myself and he just took the trunk away.

    So, last weekend, dressed in sensible lumberjack attire of shorts and vest-tops (goggles are for wimps), my friend and I set to work.

    We set up the circular saw on the decking, ...
    Tags: felling, tree
  4. Where's Kate Bumble when you need her?

    by , 12-07-2011 at 10:27 AM
    Early in spring we discovered bees nesting in the blue tit box. After much deliberation and searching on the web, it transpired that they were, in fact 'Tree Bees'. After much excitement and jumping about at the fact we had 'rare' bees in the garden, we registered them, so that the rest of the world could share in our wonder.

    The veg plot was blooming, everything was getting pollinated to within an inch of its life, and we were proudly showing the bees off to all visitors to our garden, ...
    Tags: bees, tree bees
  5. A smell of death in the garden

    by , 11-07-2011 at 07:42 PM
    The ongoing, sporadical saga of what came first - the chicken or the rat?

    After putting down the yummy blue rat treats for what seems like all summer, they finally stopped being taken. Sigh of relief, as at one point, the additional pets were costing more to keep than the chickens Anyway, last weekend I put a massive pile of rat treats down, and it seems to have done the trick. Two days later - massive pile still there.... but a god-awful smell coming out from under the ...
    Tags: chicken, rat