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  1. good day on the garden

    by , 19-01-2008 at 07:20 PM
    done lots today on the garden, extended into the lawn to make up for the space i lost with the compost bins. got some earlys sown in the green house me and the daughter had fun doing that. run out of compost and trays do do anymore. does anyone know where to get some seed trays at a good price?
  2. Growing tomatoes on straw bales

    by , 19-01-2008 at 05:17 PM
    Has anyone tried the straw bale method for growing tomatoes?
    I am intending to try it this spring, and wondered what results other members have had
  3. The proof!

    by , 19-01-2008 at 01:20 PM
    Ah, the proof I have been waiting for.

    It is too early to sow!

    At least there are another 900+ lettuce seeds and 500+ cabbage seeds left in the packet
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hot Chillies-seedlings_blog.jpg  
  4. 18th January - seed potatoes from DT Brown

    by , 18-01-2008 at 11:20 PM
    The bottom of the garden is totally flooded, though the cherry plum hedging I planted along the fenceline is no longer actually standing in water.

    The lady at the egg farm told me this morning she has lived here for 60 years (in the house opposite us until she was eight) and it never floods more than to the very bottom of the gardens, so there's hope yet! There are loads of bulbs coming through (just poking their heads above the top of the water!) so they are obviously used to it! ...
  5. Biodynamic New Year.

    by , 18-01-2008 at 02:08 PM
    This year is my sixth gardening year and my first at the Womble House. Having been interested in biodynamics for a while now, I've just ordered my calendar and plan to do things by the moon this year. A new garden will mean that the rsults can't really be compared but I'm looking forward to a fresh start.

    I have a plot out from my back door, it has an accessible concrete path to centre, a composter, an LPG tank and lots of old shrubs that didn't look great in the summer when we viewed. ...
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