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  1. Dig Dig Dig...

    by , 27-01-2008 at 12:10 PM
    What I did yesterday: (having already swept patio and pruned everything the day before).

    Dug over and weeded the front bed by hand. Topped the Pieris with ericacious compost. Potted new lavender. Potted nasturtium seeds (one in pot outdoors and one on windowsill) Repotted Cyclamen. Planted small heather in front bed. Repotted daisy plant (must find out its name).

    Things to do:
    Buy a hoe and continue to break up clayish bed. Dig out polywotsits ...
  2. 26/01/08 Sunny at last!

    by , 26-01-2008 at 09:11 PM
    Lovely warm sunshine for the first time in ages today. Sowed sweet peas "Cuthbertson mixed" and "Bijou" after soaking them first; left in greenhouse all day, then back in conservatory windowsill.

    Potatoes are chitting in eggboxes in conservatory - Maris Peer (2nd early) and Vales Emerald (1st early).

    Sowed leek musselburgh and put in greenhouse.

    Cycled to North Ripley and then on to Braggers Lane and back; on the way back there was ...
  3. Todays work - 26/1/08

    by , 26-01-2008 at 06:29 PM
    Brill! Richard took both kids out this morning, got uninterrupted time in the garden, amazing how much one can do in a short space of time...

    Continued the work Istarted over the new year re-organising the veg beds. Dug all of the 4'x8' bed and got the short end sleeper in place before Richard got home.

    After lunch Richard helped get the long slepper moved - one bed down, two to go!

    Got the sleepers cut for the ends of the other beds and the 'extra' side ...
  4. Never tried to do a Blog before!

    by , 26-01-2008 at 06:23 PM
    Well here goes, never been much good with diaries and so on - not sure if a computerised version will be any different!

    Might keep a note of various things here - not just the garden but how my weight loss is going - maybe having it public will help keep me on track!
  5. Onions and spuds

    by , 25-01-2008 at 05:53 PM
    Daughter went to Wilko on a shopping spree. Brought back onion sets (several varieties) and seed potatoes, also several varieties. Have put some of the onion sets in cell trays to give them a start as the lottie is still sodden. Will save the rest for later. So far in cells are Red Karmen, Turbo, Centurion and Sturon.
    Seed potatoes, we have one first early - Arran Pilot, 3 x 2nd earlies (Charlotte, Maris Peer and Kestrel) and 1 x Maincrop (Rooster) red variety. This year I would like ...