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  1. Another expensive visit to the Garden Centre!

    by , 27-01-2008 at 05:54 PM
    I bought said hoe, some compost, some flowering bulbs to plant in spring (can't remember the name) AND... Da Daaaa! a big bucket thing and some seed potatoes! I am so excited. I haven't grown anything edible before. I can't wait till next Saturday when I can plant them. I also planted the evergreen into the bed (removing two pelogariums to make room) and did more hoeing with my new tool. No more work to do till next Saturday as I'm at work till dark. Will spend the week reading my gardening books. ...
  2. Nice day, no rain and warm(ish)

    by , 27-01-2008 at 04:47 PM
    Went to the lottie today to plant out broad beans (Sutton) which have been sitting in cell trays in the greenhouse. Aquadulce (planted earlier) are looking good, as are the autumn planted onion sets (Radar) and garlic, although the supermarket garlic is looking better than the Solent Wight. Dug 4 leeks for tea tonight (potato and leek gratin) - must plant deeper next year as not much blanched stem. Lovely and tender, though. The rhubarb is just showing buds. Chives are starting to re-sprout, ...
  3. Dig Dig Dig...

    by , 27-01-2008 at 01:10 PM
    What I did yesterday: (having already swept patio and pruned everything the day before).

    Dug over and weeded the front bed by hand. Topped the Pieris with ericacious compost. Potted new lavender. Potted nasturtium seeds (one in pot outdoors and one on windowsill) Repotted Cyclamen. Planted small heather in front bed. Repotted daisy plant (must find out its name).

    Things to do:
    Buy a hoe and continue to break up clayish bed. Dig out polywotsits ...
  4. 26/01/08 Sunny at last!

    by , 26-01-2008 at 10:11 PM
    Lovely warm sunshine for the first time in ages today. Sowed sweet peas "Cuthbertson mixed" and "Bijou" after soaking them first; left in greenhouse all day, then back in conservatory windowsill.

    Potatoes are chitting in eggboxes in conservatory - Maris Peer (2nd early) and Vales Emerald (1st early).

    Sowed leek musselburgh and put in greenhouse.

    Cycled to North Ripley and then on to Braggers Lane and back; on the way back there was ...
  5. Todays work - 26/1/08

    by , 26-01-2008 at 07:29 PM
    Brill! Richard took both kids out this morning, got uninterrupted time in the garden, amazing how much one can do in a short space of time...

    Continued the work Istarted over the new year re-organising the veg beds. Dug all of the 4'x8' bed and got the short end sleeper in place before Richard got home.

    After lunch Richard helped get the long slepper moved - one bed down, two to go!

    Got the sleepers cut for the ends of the other beds and the 'extra' side ...