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Preserving the crop

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by , 14-09-2010 at 08:49 PM (974 Views)
The bad weather is preventing me from doing a thing towards transforming the garden , so i've been busy in the kitchen again.
Today i made apple & blackberry jam, it's the first time me or the OH have made jam so pretty impressed when it turned out right & set perfectly first time
What made me really happy tho is that other then the 1.50 for the sugar the jam was totally free. Blackberries picked from the garden & local countryside. Apples kindly donated from the family who have'nt got the time to do anything with them, and windfall crabapples from the park.
Next is a rosehip & apple jelly (yes we have a lot of apples ) thinking it will make a nice glaze for the next ham we bake.
The only problem now is that we have 6 jars of chutney, 9 jars of jam, & 8 jars of jelly. Think i will do my good deed for the year & offer some of it to the local covents Autumm fair.