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Sat 7th March 2009

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by , 09-03-2009 at 04:32 PM (1469 Views)
Lazy day this Saturday just gone. Was supposed to go up the plot and dig over the potato beds, well two out of six. I just wasn't feeling up to it really. I had been out the ngiht before (not drinking as I was driving) and didn't get home until 2am. Tut.

Had an easy day sat on the very small patio outside my back door and repotted a few plants. My peppers needed to be planted on into their own pots, as did the brussel sprouts, broccolli and purple sprouting broccolli.

I would have liked to have left them a bit longer, but I needed the propogators. The electric propogators I bought are great, but i planted this lot straight into the tray so couldn't easily move them out and use the propgator for something else.

I started of two loads of tomatoes in the propogators, this time in trays on a base of vermiclite. I sowed about 160 tomato seeds. Alot I know, but I have decided to sow whole packets of seeds otherwise I will have hundreds of unfinished packets. The excess I am going to take to a car boot and sell on to the unprepared masses. He he he. I knew someday being organised my help. Who knows, I may even make a few bob.

Well thats about it really. Not much else to report, other than I must really dig over the potato beds ASAP. I have my potatoe fertilizer to dig in before the chitted tatties go in. Hopefully I will be able to leave work early one day and get it done before dark. Finger crossed.



  1. craiglockley's Avatar
    Wow That's a lot of tommies! I potted 20 odd seedlings at the weekend and am wondering where to put them've got your work cut out.
    With regard to car boots, do you usually pay a fee for your table? Never been to one before, but if think I can shift a few extra plants, that would make it even more worthwhile.