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by , 23-02-2009 at 04:25 PM (1431 Views)
Hi all

Today I went to Wilkinson's and bought lots more seeds and tray I don't really need, but can't help myself.

I finally got up the allotment today. First time since the snow. Everything seemed to survive quite nicely. I got my broad beans in. They vary between 4 and 8 inches tall.

I also sorted out the walk in plastic greenhouse. I got some staging from instore yesterday (two sets of four) which were assembled and fixed into place today.

I took some pictures as well, so you can see what I keep on harping on about.

Until next time

Attachment 23019
First overview of the allotment

Attachment 23020
Broad beans

Attachment 23021
Whats left of my onions

Attachment 23022
Second overview of the allotment

Attachment 23023
My garlic coming on nicely, not touched by the onion destroyers

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  1. craiglockley's Avatar
    They're looking good. Just planted my Broad Beans this weekend, along with Peas. Beginning to wish I had an allotment with the plans I have this year!