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Week 12, planting and more jobs to do...

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by , 17-03-2008 at 08:57 AM (930 Views)
Well its been a few weeks since I posted, what with the 6 nations and some atrocious weather things haven't quite gone as planned.

Depressingly the outstanding jobs list just seems to keep on getting longer, still haven't managed to get the extra glass for the greenhouse, as a consequence the early plantings don't seem to have survived the freezing temps of a few weeks back.

The alpine strawbleberries are coming on, but still tiny, about the size of the cress you used to grow as a child. I've put together a 4 tier halls plastic greenhouse next to the patio doors so they will get more light. Last years Ostara are still waiting to be potted into the terracotta planter thing, must make a determined effort this year to take some runners off them and increase the stock.

The peppers planted a few weeks back are coming on well on the bedroom window ledge, apart from a infestation of greenfly, will not use the wilkos bug spray as this seems quite stringent and always seems to burn the leaves, will try a fairy liquid mix and see if that does the trick.

The fruit plants (blueberry and red & black currants) are coming on ok, in the out door plots, one of the currants suffered a bit of frost damage despite the fleece but seems to be recovering well.

A good planting weekend, in between the rugby, have managed to get the tomatoes in, the courgettes, PSB and sprouts, lettuce and a few more pepper plants - considered starting to put together the canes for the french and runner beans but wanted to see Wales beat France instead.

Some of the Wilcos pots don't seemed to have survived the cold weather very and have become very brittle and have cracked, may make a bigger investment this year into proper ceramic ones.

till next time..

Herb the Gardener