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Week 7 - soft fruit and spinnach sir??

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by , 11-02-2008 at 09:03 AM (1234 Views)
Made the mistake of going into Wilkos on Saturday.. came out with a Black current bush and a Red current bush, I'm not even sure if I like red currents or black currents. Anyway needsless to say ass it was such a stunning day on Saturday they were planted out straight away. While I was pottering the radishes and the lettuce were planted out, took the opportunity to sow a batch of perpetual spinnach too.

Now it may be a bit early for some of these but the greenhouse was empty and I'm willing chance a few seeds for the possibility of an early crop.

Murphies law has made an appearance and we've since had two of the hardest frosts of the year. Fingers crossed things will pull through.. if not then maybe the next round of sowing the weekend after next will fair better. As I type though the sky is blue and the sun is shining, and the greenhouse will be warming up nicely.

The planting diary is full of things for February, but given the cold nights we're currently getting, it might just have to wait until the 24th..

'til next time

Herb the Gardener