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Week 6 - Peppers and the future

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by , 07-02-2008 at 10:01 AM (1431 Views)
The peppers are finally starting to make an appearance which is really good news, do love my chilli's and sweets. Hopefully this year things will be a but more productive, although the jalapeno's didn't do too badly last year, considering that they were started off too late really. They've overwintered really well though and hopefully we'll have a good crop in 2008.

The radishes and the lettuce are desperate to be planted out, as I'm still a few panels of glass short in the greenhouse (why is it so difficult to get 2 foot square sections of glass????), I'm going to put together one of the plastic covered things this weekend and put it up inside the greenhouse and get some planters in there for the first crop of the year.

Whiklst we're still this early in the year I'm tempted by a redcurrent bush.. just love the idea of fresh fruit from the garden. Really must make more of an effort to look after the reasspberry canes this year.. they were terribly negelected last year.. although the horrendous weather probably didn't help.

Our BBC regional news programme, Look North, had a report this week that by the year 2050 Yorkshire would have a climate comparable to Bordeaux. As a gardener and a bit of a closet environmentalist, this causes me considerable concern.. You see I had been working on a long term plan to grow rice.. and now I'm not sure if I should plant grape vines.