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bex n bob

couch grass

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by , 28-02-2010 at 02:04 PM (732 Views)
how can we safely get rid of couch grass and are there any friendly organic ways to get rid of it


  1. paula.berriman's Avatar
    Hell no thats my answer (to organic treatment anyway). Polythene covering can help but its the roots that are the issue and these dont usually get killed off that easily. I had to use weedkiller on mine but alas it has returned eventually.

    The only way i have found effective is to dig and pull it out by hand. Take a bed at a time and concentrate on irradicating it in small patches. Dont rotavate or chop the roots as the smallest surviving piece can grow into new grass.
  2. iggyboy's Avatar
    yep,thats about right,the only organic way to rid your plot of couch grass is to dig it out. eventually you will get on top of it and the satisfaction of beating the blighter far outweighs the graft you will have to put into beating the bugger. happy digging!!