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    Default How to make Leaf mould

    There are only two things you need to make leaf mould:-

    Leaves and time!

    Right, first off collect your leaves. You will need a suprisigly large amount of leaves to make a reasonable amount of Black crumbly leaf mould as it reduces in volume greatly.

    Next, you need to store it. It will take at least 12 months to turn leaves into a useable end product and sometimes much longer. you can use any of the following methods, they all work well and one will fit in with the space and materials you have.

    1) Fill Black bin bags with leaves. Stick a fork in the bag a few times to allow drainage, stick the hose into the bag for a few seconds to thoroughly wet the leaves and then tie up the bag(s) and put them somewhere out of the way for a season or two.

    2) Stick four posts into the ground and wrap chicken wire around to make a square box. Fill with leaves, wet through and leave for a season or two.

    3) Just put the leaves in a typical allotment compost bin made of pallets, again wet thoroughly and yes you've got it, wait for a season or two.

    Some people shred the leaves first, some cover the leaves with a bit of old carpet to keep them damp and some just leave them to it.

    What ever your method, the effort is very much rewarded with a crumbly dark mix that is fabulous added to potting compost, as a soil conditioner, a mulch, you name it you can use it.
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