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  1. What size hanging baskets do I need?
  2. Filling a Vegtrug
  3. container growing potatoes and chitting times?
  4. What to do with my newly bought grape & gooseberry plants whilst they wait for lotty?
  5. Chitting
  6. Ideas for my garden.
  7. Tree?
  8. Home/Garden made organic pesticides & fertilisers: what can I make?
  9. Making an Edible Food Forest Patch - anyone done it before?
  10. Making a raspberry bed.
  11. Question about propagator, tools, plant protection, and preparing ground for planting
  12. Strawberry leaves - brown and discoloured
  13. Sowing into such wet ground
  14. Any advice for a newbie for planting 'dwarf' fruit trees?
  15. Cucumber 'Hokus'
  16. Is it possible to be 100% sufficient from allotment? How sufficient is your patch?
  17. Tom plants
  18. Are micro greens worth growing?
  19. Any ideas where I can get lots of cardboard packaging from for free?
  20. Another silly one!
  21. How can I prepare my plot for when/if I move away for temporary work?
  22. Sowing onions in Seed Tray Inserts
  23. Heirloom seeds advice
  24. Just acquired 2 run down (trashed) plots, newbie, am I under time pressure?
  25. Starting a Strawberry Patch
  26. Compost
  27. raised bed advice needed
  28. Looking for quick but non-dominant ground cover
  29. 'Recently manured' - how do you define this term?
  30. Selling produce
  31. Sugar ann snap peas
  32. Did the recent strong winds effect your young onions?
  33. A manure powered heated raised bed propagator - will this work?
  34. Managed to acquire lots of wood - apart from raised beds,ideas what I can do with it?
  35. Evening all
  36. what catalogue?
  37. A thread for a bargains/clearances at garden center tip offs?
  38. Veg Seeds
  39. Gardening/Food growing blog recommendations?
  40. What to do about my thyme
  41. Growing in pots
  42. What to do next
  43. Making a 'lasagne bed' within a raised bed - any advice?
  44. Is it just carrots & parsnips that would benefit from raised beds on heavy clay soil?
  45. Maximising poly-tunnel space - any ideas?
  46. Tomatoes
  47. Digging digging :) pics
  48. Thinking of taking on a second plot... can it be done?
  49. Weather , weather, weather.
  50. Planted done
  51. Decking
  52. What to do with shed
  53. New photos of allotment
  54. Planning a new garden
  55. Hi all new to the forum
  56. Buy Water Butt now, or wait till Spring
  57. Cardboard as weed suppressant over winter?
  58. 6 month wait for raw manure spread on the plot before planting?
  59. Any ideas on how I can define the perimeters of my allotment plot?
  60. Any frugal vegetable seed buying tips?
  61. Anyone grow any plants purely for medicinal properties on their patch?
  62. Anyone made a small roof top garden on their shed?
  63. Companion planting query
  64. Cabbage Query
  65. Paper whites
  66. Plastic Greenhouse
  67. late bulb planting help!!!
  68. Planning/Diary
  69. Bare root fruit trees & bushes - any good places to order them online?
  70. Should I prune my Autumn Bliss raspberries?
  71. 'Late' potato problems...
  72. Shallots and Garlic
  73. Site for Rhubarb
  74. New willow tree dead or just dropping leaves for winter?
  75. Onion sets
  76. how good is micromesh
  77. Winter Planting
  78. Will my veg rot if they are growing on mounds between 10-20cm above standing water?
  79. Fleece - when and how?
  80. New allotment/weeds and getting ready for spring?
  81. Can I grow anything in my poly tunnel now/poly tunnel book reconmendations
  82. Separating compost
  83. Mould
  84. These posh compost bins: Are they all that good?
  85. Growing alpine plants - any avice?
  86. Do plants requiring full sun or partial shade need it ALL year round?
  87. Any advice on how to prevent theft/damage to a polytunnel?
  88. How do I become truly 'organic' next season?
  89. Could my Celeriac yet deliver?
  90. Protection for Autumn sown peas and beans
  91. green manure
  92. manure
  93. Plastic Bottles
  94. A newbies first year report...
  95. Tips on ripening tomatoes no longer connected to the plant
  96. using sawdust in the garden
  97. Fennel and cape gooseberry
  98. Growing autumn-sown crops
  99. Help!!!!
  100. Game over for courgette plant? Courgette rotting whilst on plant.
  101. Growing weeds (intentionally!) through winter
  102. Green Manure Plants - Advice
  103. Any good garden/allotment design books you reconmend?
  104. Patio Potatoes - Advice for a First Timer
  105. Absolute complete beginner - books?
  106. Broad bean (aqua) possible problem
  107. Should the young pea plants I have just planted be flowering now?
  108. Will my marigold plants survive until spring if protected?
  109. When to pick pumpkins?
  110. Where to get freebies
  111. Disasterous Potatoes!!!
  112. Potatoes leaf axials doing funny things?
  113. To blanch or not to blanch?
  114. Shiny New Lots to Do
  115. What crops can I plant now (from seed)?
  116. Alternatives to milk to use for my courgette white leaf mould/dew problem.
  117. Mystery plant
  118. Incinerator: Necessary or Not?
  119. Winter growing
  120. Feeling Inspired
  121. Buying a compost bin question
  122. Buying a water butt question
  123. propagating cuttings - Which medium has produced your best results?
  124. Identification advice please?! Pink / red furry stem??
  125. I'm new and need advice on where to start
  126. tree stump
  127. Onions for 2014
  128. Is this normal marrow development?
  129. Hoping to start next year - what would you do to prepare?
  130. how to use chicken poo?!
  131. Do cabbage whites like lettuce?
  132. Removing part of the lawn for veg patch
  133. Potatoes - help cant eat them quick enough
  134. Veggies under attack agin! This time it's Pak Choi!
  135. Greenhouse, tunnel or outside?
  136. Climbers
  137. Advice/considerations of buying my first polytunnel (experience/advice most welcome!)
  138. Lower leaves yellowing on chill plant
  139. Chilli plant, leaf droop
  140. chili's
  141. Oh no! Popcorn Fiesta tragedy!
  142. Advice on how to avoid my patch turning into a marshland in the winter
  143. How to tell when its ready to pick cucumbers (pick included)?
  144. Will pulling out weeds between my carrot seedlings attract the carrot fly?
  145. Anyone know where I can borrow a strimmer for a day?
  146. Woven weed suppressant covers - do they work?
  147. Sheds - general advice (various Q's)
  148. What is this insect & should I get rid of them?
  149. purple sprouting brocc
  150. False Economy
  151. Help! Laurel Woes
  152. what is this?
  153. cloche
  154. Small straw berries at 1st now getting larger is this normal?
  155. Identification assistance please
  156. Concrete, concrete & more concrete - do i need an allotment?
  157. When should I re-pot these willows?
  158. Veggies starting to flower
  159. How to harvest purslane?
  160. Netting brassicas
  161. Mulching a plot over winter?
  162. What questions should I ask when inspecting a potential new veg allotment patch?
  163. How do I know my courgettes are ready for picking?
  164. How do seeds for plants which produce sterile seeds exist?
  165. Planting In July?
  166. this is blight isn't it - help!!!
  167. Green bell peppers.
  168. Reluctance to use my Nettle Tea...
  169. Taties bags (and take compost) post taties...
  170. Mange Touts a bit off colour....
  171. Watering query...
  172. ridge cucumbers
  173. ladybugs
  174. I think Ive killed the squash I was given
  175. Protect Brassicas?
  176. Chop down trees on plot? Or not?
  177. Would you use this water on your veg?
  178. I got the flower part right
  179. Sharpening garden spades/different garden spades for different jobs?
  180. Are ponds allowed on allotment sites?
  181. the leaves on my tomato plants are drooping
  182. Can anyone identify this sapling?
  183. Using salt or vinegar as weedkiller
  184. foxglove flower seeds
  185. Strawberries - what have/am I doing wrong?
  186. Any suggestions as to what to plant (better if its edible) between my tomato rows?
  187. Nettle fertiliser - oily looking substance a pesticide, or not?
  188. Can I just use potato peelings to grow potatoes next time?
  189. Rooting Powder
  190. Just joined
  191. When will my tomato/cucumber plants need to be supported with bamboo canes?
  192. What to cover how to cover?
  193. The veg gardening bug got me!
  194. Courgettes growing okay, but paling on the tips
  195. What to plant in July
  196. Aero flow 10
  197. My cucumber fell off.
  198. Water Butt
  199. How best do we take cuttings of ivy?
  200. how much of what??
  201. A thought on growing potatoes - re need to mound up?
  202. Overdoing it!
  203. Help with courgette problem (pics included)
  204. Help with runner bean problem (pest/disease?) - Picks included
  205. Too late for tomato seedlings kept in seedling tray for too long?
  206. What do you think of my plans?
  207. Help! Thistles are taking over! :(
  208. Starting from scratch
  209. No flowers on my mangetout and sugarsnap plants
  210. Paper Pots
  211. overwintering onions/leeks
  212. how do i get my hose pipe to stay on the tap
  213. Slug attack! What to do now?
  214. Tomato head scratching?
  215. Wise to store tools in mini non-wooden shed/keeping yourself refreshed
  216. First tomato.
  217. Help needed, please with my tomatoes!!
  218. Slugs/snails and fennel?
  219. Raw manure advice
  220. Massive Ant Colony in the Dalek
  221. When do you pick Rhubarb ??
  222. Short cucumbers and tomatoes flowering/fruiting.
  223. Cherry trees when to plant and where from and preperation
  224. Disappearing seedlings. . .
  225. Mystery seedling...
  226. Anyone know what this tree is?
  227. strawberries
  228. french beans (cobra)
  229. Which way to put potatoes in - related to position of stubb-like-knobbly-bits?
  230. Do I need anything more than old newspaper and weeds for no dig?
  231. Keeping on top of the weeds after clearing an allotment patch - any advice?
  232. Is this comfrey?
  233. A weed clearing tool that may get me into trouble? Any advice?
  234. Planting seeds in heavy soil?
  235. Garlic - Is it easy?
  236. Scotch Bonnets (I think!) don't have any heat?!
  237. Peony rose cuttings??
  238. New greenhouse owner - advice needed on what to do!
  239. Create a seed disc / strip
  240. Help With A Climbing Plant...
  241. Hi everyone - Newbie :)
  242. watering
  243. is it too late to plant some french beans
  244. More potato advice please!
  245. Logistical advice for an allotment newbie (importing in lots of organic matter)
  246. Problems with my Mange Tout peas...
  247. Potato advice please
  248. Dwarf French Beans Planting out
  249. weeds
  250. Easily transportable gardening tool buying suggestions for someone with no car
  251. Where are my potato flowers?
  252. Help needed please!
  253. Oh dear, having trouble telling whats a weed and what I've sown in raised bed
  254. Garlic - is it true
  255. Green alkanet
  256. Poo
  257. Growing a few fruits in our little garden
  258. Spuds - where to buy
  259. Is it normal
  260. Spring onions
  261. Seeds
  262. Making one's own soil amendements? (bonemeal, fishmeal, MgSO4, FeSO4 etc)
  263. What else should I / could I grow?
  264. Big problems a lot of disappointment
  265. seed potato
  266. How do they graft tomatoes?
  267. Baby bath water
  268. What tree is this?
  269. campanula eaten by bunnies!
  270. Buiild your own polytunnell
  271. Help, I'm under attack (maybe...)
  272. Windowsill tomato armpits?
  273. Parsnip or weeds?
  274. Small white spots all veg leaves
  275. My nettle tea debut report...
  276. Tomato, side shoots.
  277. Garlic wash sprays a la James Wong...
  278. Warm day = A good chance to catch up!
  279. What's been eating my trees?
  280. Home made liquid feed.
  281. Can I use it as mulch?
  282. Will it live?
  283. Plant identity needed.
  284. Allotment growing on heavy-clay soils - any tips?
  285. How can you tell if manure is composted/rotted? (No obv info on the packet)
  286. To weed or not to weed?!
  287. How do slugs and snails know where the plants are?
  288. New Allotment what to plant
  289. Minus two degrees forecast tonight... what veg should i protect?!?!
  290. What's wrong with my tomatoes?
  291. advise about reusing compost please
  292. Cucumber Help please
  293. Chillies
  294. Growing in modules.
  295. Can you tell apart broad, french-climbing, dwarf bean seedlings etc?
  296. advice new to growing
  297. Do Rabbits Eat the Tops of Parsnips ?
  298. Quick Sweetcorn question
  299. Help! Not sure which way to plant water lily. Nymphaea Aurora
  300. Seeds for 2016?