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Thread: Too late to grow anything

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    Does the Cooking is offline Seedling
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    Feb 2006

    Default Too late to grow anything

    Hi. I've been away (not prison! overseas) Dug plot over before Christmas. Weeds have all come back. Is it too late to start doing anything now?

    If not, then what?
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    Thelma Sanders is offline Mature Fruiter
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    Still time to plant potatoes, and shallot sets if you're quick! Now is time to sow peas, sow (or buy plants) of brassicas, cauliflower, sow seeds soon of beetroot, chard, spinach, lettuce, spring onions, carrots.
    In a few weeks (after frost) sow French beans, runner beans, courgettes/squash, swede and cabbage for winter.

    So.... NOT too late at all

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    Bren In Pots's Avatar
    Bren In Pots is offline Bad Hair Day
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    Welcome back DtC
    Like Thelma says you've got plenty of time, I sown my courgettes and cucumbers yesterday, will be sowing parsnips any day now then runner beans at the end of the month.
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    Newbiegrower1970 is offline Sprouter
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    Nov 2016


    Tomatoes too surely?

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    Chestnut is offline Sprouter
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    Sep 2016


    You could start some things off in pots or a nursery bed as well, to give yourself a bit more time to get the digging done before you plant them out.

    I have a similar problem, in that digging over a neglected plot has tqken a bit longer than anticipated, so several patches yet to be dug!

    do you like eating any of; tomatoes, peppers, runner or french beans, outdoor cucumber, pumpkin, squash, courgettes/marrows, broccoli, swede, sweetcorn, sunflowers (for seeds)?

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    Bex2012 is offline Sprouter
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    Jan 2016
    Thurrock, Essex


    Its not too late at all! You might have to put in some graft clearing the plot again, but you shoukd still have time for stuff. Homebase & b&q have veg strips in, or if you are greenfingered, have a couple of hours sowing seeds in modules. I put some sweetcorn in on tuesday, and its just peeping through.

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    Gillykat's Avatar
    Gillykat is offline Tuber
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    Feb 2015
    Alnwick, Northumberland


    Quote Originally Posted by Does the Cooking View Post
    Is it too late to start doing anything now?
    Heck noooo

    I'm in the same boat as you......been working too much lately so plot has been embarrassingly neglected, only got two beds dug over and weeds are just starting to take over. And I haven't even started to sow any seeds!!!!! Going to do some tomatoes tomorrow on my living room window (in a propagator) and do my beans & cucumbers next weekend to avoid the forecasted chilly snap this coming week.

    I'm not going to panic *yet* as I can concentrate on digging the beds over in preparation whilst my precious seeds are busy germinating in the greenhouse and at home on my windowsills Everything will soon grow like stink once the warmer May weather arrives
    Looking forward to growing crops in 2017

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    Still loads of time either to sow indoors in modules or, once the risk of frost has gone, straight into the bed. If you don't fancy the extra work of building the frames for the climbing frenchies and runner beans you can grow dwarf varieties of both.

    Just sowed my squash, will be sowing the sweetcorn after it's soaked a bit, beans in a couple of weeks in paper pots with some more sown direct in the beds later on.
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