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    Nov 2008

    Default Rules on allotment fencing

    On a recent inspection my allotment fencing turns out to be totally shot through with various sized holes - the full 130 metre length of it!

    It wasn't easy to see this as until recently these were disguised by a serious longterm weed coverage, including couch grass growing up the actual fencing. Now this has completely died down the size of the problem has become apparent.

    My question is - who is responsible for this? Should the fences have been repaired before I took it on or does the rule of caveat emptor apply i.e. too bad I didn't see it before.

    The allotments are not council but privately owned - I think there are still rules though?

    The rent is coming up for renewal soon but if I everything I grow will get eaten by rabbits what's the point??

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    May 2008


    Is it just the fence around your plot?
    I'm sure different sites have different rules,but on ours we are responsible for our own fencing.None of our plots had any fencing when we took them on...if we wanted it,then it's up to us to put it up!
    Where are the holes??A few months after putting up ours Andi strimmed the grass that was growing up...unfortunately strimmed a rather long hole in the bottom of the fencing also!....moral of the story...don't use a strimmer too close to wire fencing!!!
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    Loughborough (Twinned with Legoland)


    Our site is council owned & the surrounding fence is maintained by them.
    But any additional fencing put up by plot holders is their problem.
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    north warwickshire


    We do not have fence's inside the site the only fence is around the outside of the site allottment's are only seperated by footpath's and it works fine....jacob
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    Earthmama is offline Germinator
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    Nov 2008


    Probably should have been a bit clearer about this but the allotments are basically in the middle of a field in a rural farmland area. They have to have fencing around them (but not between them I guess) because there would be no protection from hungry marauding countryside creatures! All the allotments have rabbit proof fencing.

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    Mar 2008


    I would ask the person who you pay the rent to - do you have something in writing from them? Usually the stuff on the plot is the responsibility of the individual tenant, but the rules and regs vary hugely from one site to another!

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    We are given the materials but you dig in the fence yourself. When the fund runs low new plots go without until some more money turns up. We just use wire mesh and quarter posts. If you already have a fence its not difficult to put patches on or another layer. Is there evidence of rabbits using the plot? I wouldn't worry about it until it becomes an issue. Also 130m must be the entire perimeter of your plot. You'll only need to do the outside edges not those adjacent with your neighbour.

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