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    Default Embarrassing question about leeks!

    Yes, I know I am supposed to be a Guru, and yes I am a Geordie and supposed to know EVERYTHING about leeks, but.........................

    I have loads of leeklets in the unheated greenhouse which were grown from leek grass off the top off a seedhead.
    A lot of showmen will probably have there's in a HEATED greenhouse just now to keep the frost off. I did intend putting a small heater in the greenhouse but have decided against it and the leeks will just have to take their chances.
    Being as leeks are basically a winter crop and sit outdoors in all weather, what do you think my chances will be of planting them in the spring WITHOUT them running straight to seed?
    They are of a size that will need planting into idividual pots before long but I don't want to go to the bother if it will all be in vain.
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    Can not give a definative answer but would have thought that as long as you can keep them frost free they would be allright for planting out next year. Please note that is only what I think not what I know. Sorry couldn't be more informative.

    Wouldn't even like to take a guess as to whether or not they'd run to seed. Sorry.

    Edited to say; don't know why I bothered posting that. Probably no help at all.
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    dunno either ... mine are still in the garden not really doing much

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynda66 View Post
    dunno either ... mine are still in the garden not really doing much
    Mine too but good luck Snadge.
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    And you're asking US........... My leeks are still pathetic and they're outside
    Hayley B

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    What will it take time away from if you do spend it potting up the leeks? If they go to seed next year, will you kick yourself saying that was a waste of time that I could have used to...? Build a new greenhouse; turn the compost heaps; mend a chicken coop? Or, is it something you can do in 'pottering time' where you aren't missing out on doing something else and so it will just be a minor niggle if it goes wrong?

    That's what would decide it for me - if you have much more pressing jobs, then sod the leeks coz they'll definitely go to seed if you sacrifice another job for them...

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    I dunno.

    I also have some leek grass and I'm just leaving them be to see what happens - mainly whether it will be worth taking the grass again. They are in my unheated greenhouse and there they will stay.

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    I don't know either - fat lot of use we are eh? However, I'd guess that as long as they keep growing steadily (no hot flushes if you see what I mean) they should be ok next year. It's the old'uns that go to seed isn't it.
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